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The Occasional String Band

                                                         official web page

Your source of musical entertainment that does not resemble

most other forms of musical entertainment.


As the photo attests, The Occasional String Band is an ensemble of

Spokane's best looking musicians.

Occasional Tom         Occasional Geoff           Occasional Steve

   Drums                                 Guitar                                    Guitar/Mandolin

   Percussion                           Bass                                      Voice

   Harmonies                           Voice                                    Bass

   Full Head of Hair                 Motorcycle Bad Boy             Harmonica

  (actually Elmer Fudd)              Wanna Be                          Failed Rogaine Experiment




 ♫ ♪  ► Breaking News CCCC


Our 3rd CD is finally DONE. It took over 4 years. You can hear some excerpts (and buy one) at cdbaby. The drama of making the CD is too painful to describe, but if you buy one, rest assured the pain will subside somewhat. Besides, it's a GREAT CD. If he were a music critic, Roger Ebert would need to grow more thumbs to rate it properly.


Here are some more links to our tunes:

Check out our Myspace page. Information there is usually current, as it is easier to update than this page.

And there are more songs here>>Audio Candy

And there are songs here on Folk Alley.


 Examine our entire discography here.


Vital information about the OSB:

First of all, we are surrounded by overwhelming evidence that suggests most people do not care about music at all (especially in socially retarded areas like Spokane). Some people simply find music annoying, unless it is something they listened to in high school. If you enjoy these remarks then click here for more good reading.

Meanwhile, undeterred by indifference and the occasional hostility hurled at original music, we remain delusional enough to think that our music is too good to give up on. We've been striving impotently for commercial success for over 15 years!


A typical musician in Spokane Washington (the city of lukewarm applause except at sports events)

The Occasional String Band takes a holistic approach to music, accounting for the potential for interconnectedness of all things, real and imagined. Motto: We are damned good, but we don't let it go to our heads.

Influences include artists we like, styles of music we cannot play, books we have read, movies we've seen, people we've known, weather, events, physics, politics, sociology, theology, astrological forecasts, and many other subjects on which we are incredibly ignorant yet maintain strong opinions.

Our mission is to bring happiness to every pair of ears. We even did it with 7 band members for awhile, but the $100 performance fees were difficult to divide among the members. (The math was too difficult.)



OSB circa 2000: L to R: Steve, Phil, Geoff, Keith

OSB: circa 1995: Top L to R: Steve, Andy, Phil, Bob Bottom L to R: Geoff, Dennis, Dave


We have performed for such venues as clubs, coffeehouses, festivals, weddings (including Mormon weddings), and nudist conventions. Some of the nude photos can be found here. These images are guaranteed NOT to cause eternal torment in the hereafter by a guy with a red suit and a pointy goatee!!!



Here is a picture of Tom's horse.



And here is a photo of one of our dedicated fans who thinks Geoff is really a stud muffin.


Here are some links to follow after you have read all of our pages and need something else to do.




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 Capitol Steps


If you have trouble keeping up with the 15,000 new laws congress passes each year, then click here: Downsize DC

"Producing satire is kind of hopeless because of the literacy rate of the American public."  - Zappa